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Waste Bins

Waste Bins

Agecko UK Ltd, as a leading waste management provider, uses innovative and traditional solutions for example bins and skips to reduce costs & maximise revenue.

Agecko ensures the waste and recycling solution best fits the customers’ needs.  When bins and skips are selected as the optimum solution they offer a wide range of containers to suit the waste production and available space of each individual company.  The company encourages designated bins and skips for specific waste streams, thus enabling the compacting of the waste to ensure maximisation of the payload and reducing vehicle collections.

All the waste bins are strong, durable and easy to move with lids to contain odours and deter animals.

The container range includes; Waste Bins, Skips and Large Containers

240 litre bin

 240 litre wheelie bin

Suitable for companies that need a hygienic, portable, general waste solution this sturdy 2 wheeled bin with easy grip handles is ideal for smaller amounts of waste or recycling materials.

 Ideal for: Cardboard & Paperplastic, glass, food, mixed recycling, general waste.


Capacity: 3 to 4 full bags of waste

Height – approx. 1.08m

Length – approx. 0.58m

Width – approx. 0.73m

660 litre bin

660 litre wheelie bin

A large capacity waste bin the 660ltr 4-wheeled bin is ideal for general waste and segregated recyclable waste.  The bin is equipped with a lockable lid ensuring safety, security and a hygienic way to collect waste where and when it is generated.

 Ideal for: Cardboard & Paperplastic, glassmixed recycling, general waste.


Capacity: 10 to 12 full bags of waste

Height – approx. 1.17m

Length – approx. 1.36m

Width – approx. 0.77m

1100 litre bin

1100 litre wheelie bin

The largest of the range the 4-wheeled bin has lockable wheels and lid to ensure safety and security and can be adapted for use as a salve bin with a front opening door.  This is the go to solution for safe disposal of large volumes of bulk waste.

 Ideal for: Cardboard & Paperplastic, glassmixed recycling, general waste.


Capacity: 15 – 18 full bags waste

Height – approx. 1.70m

Length – approx. 1.37m

Width – approx. 1.07m

Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements for short or long term rental and collection frequencies.

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