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Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry Mixed Recycling


Waste firms are under pressure to collect segregated recycling except where it is not technically, economically or environmentally practicable (TEEP). Strict requirements on businesses to present waste separately for collection are in force in Scotland already. Agecko Waste Management offer simple, efficient and cost effective solutions to improve recycling performance and reduce a businesses impact on the environment.


Agecko believe that segregation of recyclable materials at source reduces the risk of contamination and allows for one container to collect all.  Bins can be labelled and bags can be colour coordinated to help identify waste material types within the work place.


Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) waste is a description of waste free from contaminants, free to be recycled and collected in various sized bins. DMR can include paper & cardboard, metal and plastic, examples of waste not to be included are waxed paper cups, glass & ceramics, textiles and hard & rigid plastics. It is important bins aren’t contaminated as they can destroy quality recyclables and unnecessary costs to waste.


Diversion of DMR waste from general waste is key to improving recycling targets and reducing business carbon footprints. The recycling market fluctuates due to the global market and Agecko help companies achieve the highest quality recycling so that the best rebates can be achieved.


Agecko Waste Management, as a leading waste management provider, use innovative and traditional solutions ensuring the waste and recycling option chosen best fits the customers’ needs. Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements for short or long term rental and collection frequencies.



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