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Baler and Compactors

As the EU mandatory recycling target, of 50% by 2020, draws closer, compactors and balers play a large part in reaching these figures, not only for local authorities but industry as well.  As waste can be reduced by a significant ratio of its original volume, depending on the material being compacted.


Balers with pressing forces of up to 125 tonnes compact recyclable waste into uniformed high density bales reducing volume by up to as much as 90% for easy storage and transportation.  An efficient solution to managing waste and capable of baling various material streams, maximising revenues and reducing inefficient transport and local collection costs.


Compactors are designed to reduce the size and volume of different types of waste or recyclable materials. The more ‘air space’ in the waste stream, the greater the compaction benefits, optimising the waste area, and reducing the number of bins and collections by 80%, a compaction ratio of up to 10:1 has a significant impact on waste costs by reducing the number of waste containers and frequency of hauls.


Agecko Waste Management, have a large portfolio of compactors and balers and as a leading waste management provider, use innovative and traditional solutions ensuring the waste and recycling option chosen best fits the customers’ needs.  Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements for short or long term rental and collection frequencies.

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