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Cardboard & Paper Recycling

Cardboard Recycling Management UK

Cardboard is one of the highest volume waste packaging materials. Segregating and recycling cardboard enables cost savings in waste disposal, saving money on ‘landfill tax’, reducing a company’s carbon footprint and with the right equipment (see our balers and compactors) will produce a return through rebate.


Recycled cardboard is a high quality material and can be recycled numerous times without losing its strength.  Cardboard is in constant demand and the correct waste management strategies will enhance a company’s environmental performance and social responsibility.


The earth’s resources are limited and maximising recycling and making ethical and sustainable changes to business practices will improve a company’s ‘green credentials’.


Some of the biggest brands, retailers and public sector organisations trust Agecko Waste Management to manage their cardboard recycling, and realise its value for their organisations.  Agecko offer;

  • A nationwide recycling service
  • A portfolio of the right equipment required for a variety of solutions
  • Dedicated total waste account manager
  • Transparency and compliance
Cardboard & Paper Recycling


Paper and cardboard, recycling in the UK is a major success story.  Paper recycling is crucial in the UK due to the lack of forests (only 12% of the land base is forested) additionally 70% less energy is used when making new paper from recycled stock than when using virgin pulp.


Agecko have a number of waste strategies suitable for the recycling of paper, including bins, balers and compactors.  Ordinary paper is easy to recycle. Paper mills will take waste paper in many forms including; newsprint, magazines, office stationery, letters, catalogues and directories – staples are normally extracted using a powerful magnet.


White office printer paper is made of a higher quality raw material than the paper towels found in washrooms.  The white paper is sold on to paper mills throughout the UK is bleached and pulped to make high grade printing paper. Recycled paper towels and junk mail are used to make lower grade paper products such as newsprint.


Agecko UK Ltd, as a leading waste management provider, use innovative and traditional solutions ensuring the waste and recycling option chosen best fits the customers’ needs.  Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements for short or long term rental and collection frequencies.

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