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About Agecko

Agecko are a Total Waste Management Broker based in York and supply national coverage to our clients. Agecko evolved as a ‘Stand Alone’ Business from two successfully established equipment suppliers in the waste management sector. This bond ensures that Agecko have some of the most innovative, practical and cost effective solutions available in the Waste Management Sector. Agecko’s continual aim is diversion from landfill and to maximise recycling, minimising costs.

Our business at Agecko was then developed by a specifically sourced, experienced team of dedicated recycling professionals who are fully motivated by environmental and cost saving success.


Diversion from landfill
Maximise Recycling, minimise costs
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Our Approach and Values

The core values at Agecko is diversion from landfill, achieved by segregation at source using waste to energy processes and materials recycling facilities. Agecko always aim to maximise recycling opportunities and minimise costs. Then, using our dedicated Contract Managers we continually improve and measure our success.

Our accomplishments have been built on a wide diversified client list with various needs and requirements. Listening to our customers is key and setting achievable service level requirements and KPI’s is crucial. Partnerships are fundamental, not only with our customers but also with our suppliers.

As a waste management broker we do not run our own trucks or operate waste management disposal facilities, our energy is channelled into the management of maintaining and developing our customers waste management requirements and keeping our clients compliant. This ensures that our customers can feel confident that their waste is managed professionally and can concentrate on the production needs of their business. Our Contractors and Partners are managed in the same way, thus ensuring a seamless service at all levels and one point of contact for the customer and contractor alike.

Together we work towards the most advanced, fully managed waste management system available.

Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements for short or long term rental and collection frequencies.

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