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Food Waste

Food Waste Disposal

Food waste is produced at each stage; production, processing, retailing and consuming. “A third of food manufactured for human consumption per year is wasted” (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). It is no surprise that food waste disposal solutions are evolving, in this time.

If prevention or redistribution of this surplus food or waste food is not achievable, Segregating efficiently is very important. This is because food waste is wet, dense and heavy. If disposed of with other recyclables at source, it will be the cause for contamination.

We can offer cost efficient options for disposal. Dependant on your requirements, this may include; sending the waste to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and recovering renewable energy or disposing of food waste by biomass (burning organic matter to release emissions).

Biomass creates predominantly methane and some carbon dioxide. This avoids any harmful gases being released into the atmosphere. The methane is burnt and turned into electricity or other forms of power, also known as renewable energy.

Alternatively, food waste can also be processed and re-used as compostable material. A valuable opportunity to divert organic waste away from landfill, creating added value. Depending on the company and food waste volumes, on-site composting can be a cost-efficient option.

Agecko UK Ltd is a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and traditional solutions to ensure the waste and recycling option chosen, best fits the customers’ needs. Please contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements.

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