Composite Waste Case Study

Case study

Company Issues

This customer needed to improve their green credentials and reduce their monthly waste costs. Their main waste streams include; Hazardous, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), General, Cardboard and Plastic.

Overall its wast e system was far too expensive, inefficient and in some areas, a health and safety hazard.

Agecko were contacted to provide a total waste management solution and in January 2016 this was up and running.

Agecko Solution

  • Agecko implemented a solution to segregate and recycle 100% of cardboard and plastic packaging. Not only did this save the client £10,000 on average per year by reducing the amount of skips and bins on site it also left the site well-managed, clear and tidy.
  • £4,000 has been saved per year on their main waste stream- Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) due to an innovative solution that halved their transport costs.
  • Agecko has transformed the hazardous waste system which has saved the customer around £4,000 per year and improved health and safety on site.
  • On top of these savings, Agecko have continually reduced their costs through innovation. In 2017 annual disposal costs were reaching £59,000 mark. In 2018 this reduced by nearly £2000.
  • This customer now receives monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. This report clearly shows recycling percentages, tonnages and costs.
  • Agecko manage all aspects of their waste, providing on-going consultation and innovation all under one umbrella.
  • This customer has be come one of the first players in the composite industry to achieve ‘zero waste to landfill’. All waste is now either recycled or turned into an energy source.



What the Client Said

In 2015 we contacted Agecko for advice on improving our waste management. From the start we were impressed with their professional and friendly approach.
At the time most of our waste was going to landfill and we had no real control of what waste we had and were it was going.
We now have a vastly improved waste management system with regular KPI reports and regular contact to check everything is running smoothly.
It has been a pleasure dealing with Agecko and would recommend their services in waste management.