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General Waste Services

General Waste Services

Agecko UK Ltd aims to maximise recovery and recycling through innovative, tailored general waste services. We strive to work together with each client to achieve ‘zero waste to landfill’. Thus, drastically reducing our environmental impact and ensuring that targets for recycling percentages are met. Some material is deemed as un-recyclable, in this instance, we would find a local waste to energy plant to recover this material.

We choose our waste and recycling service providers carefully, ensuring that they are fully licenced and insured. These nationwide partnerships ensure that Agecko can provide a service that is cost effective, current, efficient and tailored to suit each customer’s individual requirements.

Agecko have a large portfolio of bins, skips, balers and compactors to encourage segregating material at source. With the right solution in place, it is proven to reduce general waste costs. Agecko deal with all areas of recycling, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. A dedicated Customer Accounts Manager and support team are assigned to continually monitor waste volumes, changes within the recycling market and to help assist with additional needs and requirements.

Agecko UK Ltd, is a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and traditional solutions to ensure the waste and recycling option chosen best fits the customers’ needs. Contact our experienced waste management team today to discuss your requirements.

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