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An Update to the Recycling Market

The dominant position that China holds in global manufacturing means that for many years China has also been the largest global importer of many types of recyclable materials.

In July 2017, China announced big changes in the quality control placed on imported materials, notifying the World Trade Organisation that it will ban imports of 24 categories of recyclables and solid waste by the end of the year. This campaign against yang laji or “foreign garbage” applies to plastic, textiles and mixed paper and will result in China taking a lot less material as it replaces imported materials with recycled material collected in its own domestic market, from its growing middle-class and Western-influenced consumers.

The impact of this will be far-reaching. China is the dominant market for recycled plastic. There are growing concerns that much of the waste that China currently imports, especially the lower grade materials, will have nowhere else to go.


Our Solution

Recycling balesAgecko have many alternative markets to China, these include here in the UK, within Europe, India, Pakistan and the Far East.  However, China’s reluctance for such materials mean the demand is less and therefore the rebates once obtained for such materials has decreased globally.

Therefore, now more than ever is a perfect time for your account manager to re-visit and determine what additional waste streams can be segregated from your general waste and recycled, and in addition re-evaluate current recycling routes to see where improvements can be made.

Agecko continues to create strong and relationships with many specialist recycling firms across the UK and globally; offering solutions for even problematic waste streams historically always going for recovery or landfill.  Take advantage of our consultative and pro-active approach to your waste and re-book your waste review now.

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