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Tailored Waste Management Solutions

The Customer portfolio of Agecko reach from the Highlands of Scotland to the South Coast of England, East through Norfolk and West through Wales. Wherever your business is located, we have the resources for all National coverage of waste management.

Our solutions are simple; locate our customers premises, select the best partners logistically, economically and practically to deliver best service. Once we have done this our National Account Team manage the account in every aspect, from local issues to Head Office review meetings and KPI reporting.

From our customers point of view they appreciate a seamless service with one point of contact delivered effortlessly. Our growing portfolio now includes some of the UK’s well known branded businesses from retail to manufacture.

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Our service success rates are high and have been verified by one of the UK’s top online retailers. Our service is constantly monitored to achieve KPI targets.

Everyday service is observed by our National Account Team Managers and tweaked and pushed to maintain consistent high levels. The team is constantly in touch with partners to ensure the highest levels of service. Our partners are as important to us as our customers.

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Waste Streams

Disposal routes are part of our speciality and we can deliver a bespoke or standard solution of waste removal.

Current waste streams we handle include all the regular day to day wastes you would normally find at home and on the factory floor but our diversity of operations has led Agecko into other markets of disposal which include:

  • Bulk food waste
  • Composite and GRP waste
  • High value metal waste
  • Agricultural feed waste
  • Label backing waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Waste for fuels
  • WEEE Waste
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Maximising Material Rebates

Our innovation encourages segregation of materials at source, enabling efficient local collections or backhauling and centralising commodities for maximum return.

Cardboard and plastic are two of the core providers of financial returns, others include metals, paper and animal feed.

Our National Account Team are updated constantly on current market values through a series of national indices.


Disposal Routes

Our disposal routes are through various channels and can include:

This ensures that all our waste streams are fully diverted from Landfill.


Our National Account customers often require solutions of compaction and baling. To accommodate this, we have close links with many manufactures who are able to offer bespoke solutions, if required.

Our balers can be seen through a network of well known retailers and leisure industry fitness centres. Our range of equipment is vast and we can usually produce the correct size of baler for individual site requirements.

Our compactors can range from machines with fabricated bespoke loading gantrys to fully liquid retentive machines and machines with pre crush options and sump facilities.


Agecko Customer Accounts cover all multi-site waste requirements with a control structure to communicate, advise and deliver.

If you are looking for a design model to cover all aspects of total waste management solutions from waste collections to machinery solutions and to work with a team of highly skilled and resourceful people then please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or call: 0800 342 3184 or email:


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