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wooden pallets for sale

Wooden Pallets for Sale

Agecko have new and used wooden pallets for sale. Delivering an excellent service selling wooden pallets to customers nationwide. Agecko obtain timber pallets from various regulated, managed and sustainable woodlands. Ensuring that the material is sourced as local to each customer’s site as possible.

This ensures that each customer receives the best quality grade pallets. Whether you are buying new or old pallets, you’re certain to get the cheapest possible price.

All wooden pallets Agecko have for sale vary in size and quantity. Agecko tailor all our relationships with our customers so we can always meet their specific needs. We have customers who require regular scheduled deliveries of pallets or made-to-order services. As a result, each service we provide is based on the customers’ individual requirements.

Agecko also provide wood and pallet recycling services. All wooden pallets that are collected by Agecko are graded and sorted for recycling or reuse. This means that customers all over the UK qualify for wood and pallet recycling rebates. You might benefit financially from pallet recycling.

Agecko UK Ltd are a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and tailored solutions that best fits the customers’ needs. Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your individual requirements.

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