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Silicone Paper Waste

Do you have waste from silicone paper, label backing paper, wax coated paper and release paper, or liners and films? The sticky surfaces on these papers are specifically manufactured to prevent them from prematurely adhering. They are most commonly known for their use in various self-adhesive products, labelling and advertising. The waste produced from these specific forms of paper is dependent on the individual company utilising it. It’s most commonly presented loose or on reels.

Historically, this waste stream would have been classified as general waste. As a result, high percentages of the material goes direct to landfill. This creates high disposal costs due to landfill taxes and excessive transport charges due to the volume and frequency of transfers required.

Agecko’s in-house waste specialist has worked closely with various suppliers to find innovative ‘greener’ solutions. These processes avoid unnecessary costs and promote ‘zero waste to landfill’. Agecko has several chosen disposal sites, specific to our customers individual requirements.

Agecko UK Ltd is a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and traditional solutions ensuring the waste and recycling option chosen, best fits the customer’s needs. Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss the disposal of your silicone paper waste.

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