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Cardboard & Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

Paper recycling in the UK is crucial, as it conserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When making new paper from recycled stock it uses 70% less energy than when using virgin pulp.

Agecko have several approaches suitable for the recycling of paper and each solution is tailored to meet the requirements of individual customers. Ordinary paper (newsprint, magazines, office stationery, letters, catalogues and directories) may be recycled using; bins, balers or compactors.

Agecko work in partnership with organisations nationwide to recycle problematic wastepaper. Silicone wax paper, food packaging and craft paper, to name a few.

Agecko also offer complete safety and security with confidential paper shredding. We will ensure that 100% of this waste is destroyed and recycled, in line with current data protection requirements.

Agecko UK Ltd is a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and traditional solutions to ensure the waste and recycling option chosen, best fits the customers’ needs. Please contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your requirements.

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