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Waste Management Services

Businesses often require multiple suppliers to manage waste in the most efficient way possible. Many waste streams are processed separately by specialised providers. Agecko will direct your waste to the most suitable provider, ensuring the value is maximised and costs minimised. Agecko will co-oridinate these providers guaranteeing you have a bespoke waste management solution tailored to your business needs.


Segregation of Waste at Source

Segregation of waste at source reduces contamination and maximises value. Colour coding waste streams ensures the waste is collated and directed to the right supplier.


Waste balers and compactors

Compacting and BalingĀ 

Baling and compacting waste and recyclables at source, reduces vehicle movements, avoids re-processing and potentially removes the requirement of skips containing loose waste.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon Reduction and Efficiency

Eliminating secondary sorting, maximising container weights, and minimising vehicle movements reduces overall costs and company carbon footprint.


Recycling and Logistical Efficiency

Agecko have a national network of accredited waste recyclers and processors. Therefore, we choose collectors and recycling centres that are logistically close to our customers with a proven track record of excellent service performance.

All of this this means that waste collections run smoothly and carbon emissions are kept low. As a waste management broker, this means that our coverage around the UK is 100%, offering localised service on a national scale.

Our aim is to reduce the waste produced, re-use when possible and recycle or recover what is left, ensuring 100% diversion from landfill.

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