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PAXXO Longopac waste bags and stands

Longopac® – The Smarter Way to Manage Waste

The endlessly clever continuous Longopac® bagging system has been designed and developed for professional users who are looking for a more cost effective, efficient and economical waste solution for combined handling of both waste and packaging.

The bagging systems are perfectly designed for recycling (including segregation), general waste and food.

3 Sizes available: Mini, Midi and Maxi

Longopac stand mini and maxi

Making waste segregation simple

The 3-ply polythene bags are designed to give maximum strength and low material consumption. Designed for all waste purposes; colour co-ordinated making it easier to identify waste streams, biodegradable, compost certified and leak proof. Available in 6 colours, 2 strengths.

Hygienic, Efficient and Easy to Use

The Longopac® cassette systems are sealed from the outside ensuring no direct contact with any waste and are 100% hygienic. These professional Longopac® bins are designed for simple use and easy cleaning. Variable bag sizes always ensure bags will be 100% full.

See how easy it is to change the bag

Longopac usage guide


Money saving with Longopac® System

  • No requirement for double bagging due to 3 ply polythene used in the cassette systems
  • Reduction in downtime and increase in productivity because of the swift emptying and re-lining
  • 100% hygienic, reducing the risk of staff illnesses
  • Decision on bag size entirely the choice of the user, no bag wastage
  • Ergonomically designed to avoid back injuries whilst unloading and re-loading bags

To see how the Longopac® system could help improve your waste handling efficiency and save you money get in touch using the contact form, or give us a call free on 0800 342 3184.

For further information, please visit our designated Longopac® website

Longopac maxi bin

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