A Made-to-Measure Solution for Hills Panel Products (HPP)

Case study

Company Overview

HPP was formed in 1991 with the sole aim of supplying components to the furniture industry. Since that time, the company and product range have expanded greatly to cover a huge range of full and processed sheet material, vinyl wrapped furniture doors and furniture fittings. Although the original area of operation was Greater Manchester this has expanded greatly to include virtually the whole country. HPP now has more than 200,000 square feet of floor space on two sites; continued investment means production processes use the latest technology, offering quality manufactured products in short lead times. Coupled with an integrated IT system this ensures a smooth workflow from the order being placed to being delivered to your door. All of which goes towards HPP’s ultimate goal, ‘to be the best supplier in the furniture industry’.

Company Operation

Hills Panel Products waste management was not keeping pace with the Company CSR vision and production velocity. The diverse and numerous array of waste products produced from manufacture was becoming increasingly difficult to control in house.

Agecko Waste Management Audit at HPP
HPP baled cardboard for recycling
HPP polythene waste segregation
HPP packing waste recycling

Agecko Solution

Agecko was commissioned as the waste manager based on their skill and experience handling and managing complex and diverse production wastes. Also aligned with Agecko’s vast network of waste partners, all commodities and waste streams were identified, segregated at source, removed and disposed of efficiently in compliance with current UK legislation.

Best service was sourced from a range of local contractors hand picked by Agecko from the existing portfolio of partners who would provide a tailor made solution based on:

  • Increased logistical performance
  • Increased recycling performance
  • Communication performance

There were other benefits that were implemented which led to further environmental performance and cost saving:

  • Hazardous waste collections implemented
  • Aluminium off-cut collections implemented
  • Compaction machinery updated
  • KPI reports supplied
  • Secondary plastics (Vinyls) were secured reliable recycling disposal
  • Office waste collections implemented
  • Customer Support Operations Manager provided