Food Waste Case Study

Case study

Company Issues

Back in 2017, this customer was having issues with their recycling, general and food waste management and invited Agecko to conduct a waste audit.

This client creates high quality, great tasting food, their ingredients are sourced from well-known, trusted suppliers that make their products taste as ‘close to home’ as possible.

The system in place for recyclable material was not providing the best possible returns due to reoccurring low weights.

The container used for general waste was identified to be frequently producing too much spillage, resulting in time, high charges and health and safety implications.

Agecko Solution

  • Agecko implemented a new system for this clients recyclables that increased their weights, resulting in nearly £13,300 in rebate from August 2017.
  • A new system was put in place that eradicated the spillage issue and reduced vehicle movement by 50%.
  • This customer has saved in excess of £70,000 by working in partnership with Agecko to dramatically reduce their annual waste bill, improve health and safety and ensure effective time management.
  • Not only did this partnership reduce their annual waste bill, they can now proudly announce that they are an official ‘ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL SITE‘.

What the Client Said

Professional company, very reliable and they will assist and advise you the way forward , I would recommend to anyone.