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Cardboard and Paper Value


In light of significant falls in the value of cardboard and paper (as a commodity), during the latter half of 2019, we would like to update you on the outlook for 2020;

Going back a couple of years now, China implemented a quality initiative for the acceptance of materials destined to be recycled. This initiative was known as Operation National Sword.

At the same time, China also reduced the volume of paper fibre products allowed to be imported.

This means that there has been a reduced demand for this waste stream and we have seen a steady decline in value as the market has become saturated, especially over the last 6 months.

It is not clear how long this will continue for, but at least the next few months is being talked about in the marketplace.

We hope that we are at the bottom of the curve in terms of value, but there is no certainty to this.

We will continue to be honest and transparent to all our customers and prospective new clients on this matter over the course of the next few months.


What can you do to help your business?


We are hoping that the market will lift soon but we do have alternative measures you may be able to take to prevent high associated costs/no rebates.

We have implemented different solutions across a range of industries to ensure the most cost effective service is provided.

In some cases, our customers have continued to receive a good revenue from their cardboard and paper (dependant on material).

We offer a wide range of balers suitable for all industries and requirements, these are available on a rental, lease or purchase basis.

Full training, delivery and regular servicing is provided throughout with our specialist engineer network.




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