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Agecko think Circular!

Agecko find a solution that re-uses silicone wax paper waste rather than recycling it.


Agecko focus on problematic waste streams that are deemed unrecyclable and find solutions to re-use or recycle this waste. We support the circular economy with the believe that; “one person’s waste is another person’s gain”.

Our purpose is to source manufacturing partners who require material to design/create their product. An example of circularity would be the solution we have successfully implemented for silicone wax paper (release paper, label backing paper or wax coated paper).

Historically, our clients have discarded their silicone wax paper in their general waste containers. Thus, resulting in frequent vehicle movements due to the poor volume to weight ratio. We partnered up with a manufacturer in the UK who uses this material to manufacture their product for redistribution.

We have a variety of segregation processes for this waste stream which all have been successful, whether loose or on reels (pictured below).



Agecko UK Ltd is a leading waste management provider. We use innovative and traditional solutions ensuring the waste and recycling option chosen, best fits the customer’s needs. Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss the disposal of your silicone wax paper waste.



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