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Agecko Triumphs Problematic Waste “Iron Oxide”



Following a waste review, our internal Waste Specialist Natan Elfassy has successfully found an alternative cost-effective solution for our customer who produces Iron Oxide.



Saving £10,000 potential cost savings annually from their waste bill.



Iron Oxide is renowned for being a ‘problematic waste stream’ due to its dust like form and contamination issues when in contact with water. Historically, their Iron Oxide waste was transferred and disposed of at deep landfill sites with full rate tax being paid per tonne for its disposal.


Our solution


Natan has worked tirelessly to try and divert this waste stream from deep landfill and its high associated costs.


Working together with well-known disposal facilities he has challenged the status quo of this waste’s classification and how it should be bulked and collected, resulting in substantially cheaper waste disposal costs.


Agecko can proudly announce that 100% of this problematic waste stream is now re-classified as Inert Waste. Inert Waste is neither chemically nor biologically reactive and will not decompose, so, after it is buried it can be stored with zero danger to the public/environment. Thus, avoiding the high government tax put on top of normal landfill rates.


Agecko continues to develop strong, professional relationships with many specialist disposal facilities across the UK and globally; Contact our experienced waste management team to discuss your problematic waste.


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